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July News

Want to see what's new here at Stable-Tec? Well look no further. Here is a great place to see what the studio has been up to, and what the latest updates are in the various projects we have on deck. As noted elsewhere, we intend to produce other projects as we grow; some related to the Fallout: Equestria, some not.

As of mid-July 2014, the studio has over 70 active members and is still recruiting. For those interested in joining our effort, see the Apply tab on the navbar.

Our teams have all been hard at work producing various projects, some of which have already seen release, such as teasers and shorts that have been posted on our YouTube channel, to art and updates on Twitter and Facebook - all of which can be accessed from the links at the top of the page.

Episode One is nearing completion. We'll keep you updated as we get closer to the release date. For a sneak peek at the unfinished product, check out the short video in our Contents page from the Everfree Northwest convention a couple of our members recently attended.

It was a packed room, meaning we were able to show our project to group of around three hundred people! By all reports, the panel was not only well-recieved, but was promoted as one of the prominent panels for attendees to take part in. The majority of the awesome audience were unfamiliar with the project, meaning we were able to get the word out to a whole new group of potential fans.

Be sure to check out the menu links to view our video clips, galleries, and even some info about the people working behind the scenes to bring this fan favorite to the animated screen.

August News

Sweetie Belle Auditions

Greetings Stable-Tec Dweller! If you are reading this, it means you are interested in lending your singing voice to a number of songs in the future that we’ll be producing! Like the other audio teams at Stable-Tec, this audition is to become an official part of our in-house team. That means you will be asked to contribute your voice for choral parts, background vocals, and hopefully some solos and featured roles for various songs and future characters.

Follow the link here to see the full details and downloads. Deadline for submissions is August 22nd 12pm EST.

Writing and Storyline

Seasons 1 and 2 are going through continuity checks, with Season 3 waiting in the wings. Our writers have been cooking up a number of side projects as well that will compliment or tie into our main production.

One of those projects are Terminal Secrets; something of a prequel. That will eventually tie into confessions of a Wasteland Pony, which is another project in the works. The creators are looking forward to sharing what they've been working on. By all reports, they've got some fantastic material.

Art and Design

First up from our Puppeteering group, we've been informed that they should have a pair of baseline models ready by the end of Monday. The plan is to distribute them to the department to create enough basic models to have a varied array of background characters to use throughout the series, making crowds more interesting and believable.

All vectoring has been completed for props and backgrounds, and that department is now ready to work with the puppets that are being prepared. Weapons and props are well on their way, and the teams there are working hard to hammer out all the necessary details. The audio has been divided up into scenes, and being put into animatic format for the puppets as well. There should be further updates in around a month on the progress there. Visually, it's all coming along quite nicely, possibly with some surprises worked in along the way.

Sound and Vocal Departments

Word has it our sound library is nearly complete, with just a few more files needed to get it all set up properly. They are still looking for good voice talent, so if you have an interest, see our applications page and get in touch with the VA department.

November News

Stellar Work Around the Stable

We had a fantastic turnout for the voice acting parts that were made available over the past month. With parts ranging from understudies, raiders, leads and side projects, it has been said that our voice and sound directors will be having a hard time making their final choices.

Well done, everyone who participated! Remember, there will be more auditions upcoming as we progress through the series. Whatever the part is, each is important in making this production all it can be. Sincere thanks to everyone who has taken the time to organize, audition, and judge the entries.

Outstanding effort is something we want to acknowledge, to those going above and beyond what is asked. Everyone involved in this project have other commitments outside of the studio - from jobs, to school, family, and even military service. We appreciate the contributions made by each and every one of our members. And in this update, a special thank you goes out to a few.

Waveform - for offering, and following through on teaching both the basics, and additional toolsets in making a decent voice recording to any and all who have been interested. His expertise and patient manner of instruction have been an outstanding benefit.

Hydkore - for his unwavering efforts in Storyboard, both in continuing to help guide the group, and consistently producing quality work in spite of his ongoing military service during the week. (And, it is rumored, to run a roleplaying session for a group of our miscreants to boot, in between it all.) We love you, man.

Skybolt - for reworking several long segments of work to adhere to studio changes, and getting them ready for re-release on an already full schedule.

JD - for his weekly work on our in-studio newsletter, which keeps us all up to date on any and all changes, announcements, proposals, and needs within the studio. Many have commented on how useful it is to have all that great information close to hand, and in an easy-to-read and gently humorous forumat.

This isn't to say these are the only ones deserving of thanks, of course. To every one of our members who has been contributing, and freely offering their time and talent - thank you. We appreciate your efforts, and your belief in this project.

Writing and Storyline

Our Writing department has begun work on Season Three officially. How can this be, you might ask? Well, writing is one of the earlier steps that has to be sorted out prior to all the labor-intensive work of getting the final product animated. Our writers set the tone, the pace of the episode, and maintain the continuity throughout each so that our adaptation both stays true to the original as best we can manage it, and stays true to itself as we progress. Many hours have gone into laying out the scenes, working with storyboard and our artists, not to mention the regular reviews to ensure quality. They've done an outstanding job - and we can't wait to show you what they've been working on.

Terminal Secrets, a prequel of sorts that was announced previously as one of our side projects, has been moving forward as well. Initial voice auditions have been made, and it is hoped that we will be able to release the first installment to the public before too much longer. It's going to be a fun ride, going behind the scenes for a view of events through different eyes.

Art and Design

With new episodes come new weapons, and our weaponsmiths have been doing an amazing job with their designs. In addition, 3D has shown us some absolutely beautiful work, and by all accounts, they are clipping right along with their progress. Animations have been done, taking us that much closer to releasing Episode One, and believe us, we're as impatient as the fans are to see it all come together. We hope to be releasing some sneak peeks on our Gallery page as soon as we're able.

Additional scenes were assigned this week to become animatics, with several more wrapping up or having been completed. By all reports, we're nearing the halfway mark for completing animatics - congrats to our fantastic team in getting so much done!

Work has been ongoing to decide on the fate of a new puppet design, which will be seen by the wider studio when it's built. It gives us a familiar but distinct styling on our characters, setting us apart while remaining recongizable to the fan base. From the preliminaries seen so far, we think you'll be pleased. Props to Malicorn for heading up efforts in that department, and putting extra effort in to bring those still learning the skills up to speed.

Voice Acting & Music

Episode Two casting has been complete, and those who have been chosen for various parts should have recieved their information from Skybolt and Madam Overmare this weekend. Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to everyone who will be contributing!

Some may have noticed that the first episode of Confessions is back up and running - a big thank you again to Skybolt for all his hard work on that project.

Remember, auditions will be ongoing as projects move forward. If you have ever considered trying out, do so! It is a fantastic opportunity, and a great practice tool if nothing else, in learning what it takes to break into voice acting. And we happen to have several fantastic folks on team with a lot of experience, background, and help for those just starting, or tips and tricks for those already involved.

December News

A Preponderance of Puppetry

For those unfamiliar with the animation process, one of the key pieces to getting them working correctly is the puppets.

Our art department has been busy with a number of projects, but the one we have been anticipating breathlessly has been the completion of the body puppets that will be the base for our pony characters throughout the animation. There is a bit more to it than might be thought - proper proportions, various angles and the movements for all the different body parts, including mouths, all take a great deal of work to get laid out correctly. We want to thank everyone who had been involved with this key project for their hard work and dedication.

In addition to this, we are looking forward to the completion of a full animatic - one more step towards the release of Episode One. This should give us a solid look and feel for how the completed product should flow, and sound. Again, sincere thanks to everyone who has been involved. With the change of seasons, and the end of summer, it has been a period of adjustment for many studio members and their schedules. We're pleased that in spite of this, work has continued, and progress has been made.

Writing and Storyline

The writing department has continued with their adjustments, and gone back to basics in adopting a layout for a five season arc. After much deliberation, and some careful edits and re-writes, things seem to be well in hand, and progressing quietly, as our writers busily continue working on their various scripts.

Work on Terminal Secrets has also continued, with additional voice castings being filled, and details being hammered out for completion of the project. We will be uploading teasers, and eventually episodes as soon as the final editing is completed on them. Watch our Features page here on the site, and our Youtube channel for those updates.

Art and Design

If you know storyboard, we need you. While we have some outstanding storyboard artists here in the studio, it is a department than can always use a few more good artists. Please send in your application ""through our page here on the site, and we'll be in touch!

From our Mailshot: So over in concept art they are hard at work on Episode 2 assets, marking a step towards the next episode. This is coupled with the settling of the interesting design ethic of 50's Americana style merged with that of the base show that we all know and love.

Weapons when last checked, had everything completed up through Episode Two, and had begun on Episode Three. There are fears that Heathen will simply start designing things for giggles if they get too far ahead of the game. That way lays madness.

There has been talk with Lee in Vectoring on matching things up with VA's to both get a better feel for the characters, and to match on lip-synching. As always, progress continues, and while it may seem small steps on the outside, every little bit is putting us closer to the finish line. Mad props to all our artists, in all our various art departments for their hard work, and patience while working out all those little niggling details.

Videos & Releases

The web site has been updated to include in-screen viewing of our videos and music releases thus far, including Stable Talk with Davies and Canas Dark hosting, and Confessions of a Wasteland Pony. Additional releases will be kept up to date here as we release them on our Youtube channel. Stay tuned to see what we come up with next!

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