Waveform/Michael Hall - Director of Stable Tec Studios, Voice Actor, Sound FX

Mike runs this place under duress and threat of Hell Portal. He is a long time entertainer and sound engineer who has his own FOE audio series and Voice acts for many different series. He loves this group and wants what is best for them and hopes to see this project become everything it can be, and more.

SkyBolt – Music Director & Voice Actor

SkyBolt has been doing music and theatre for the past 6 years, the last 2 of which were pony focused. Aspiring early on to be the “Weird Al” of the brony fandom, he became an accomplished singer and lyricist with over 75 songs in his discography including rewrites and originals. Aside from working on a novel and several short stories in college, SkyBolt has also scripted and performed several voice acted scenes written into his songs.

SkyBolt was one of the earliest members of Stable-Tec Studios, joining the team in September of 2013. After being cast as a VA at another Fallout: Equestria animationstudio, he led the merger that combined both teams together and became the Voice& Music Director in charge of all things audio for the studio. To help alleviate the long wait time between episodes, he created a radioplay prequel series, “Confessions of a Wasteland Pony”, which he writes and leads the concept art for. Creating several promotions and being the “voice” of the studio in many ways, he hopes to see the project through to the end, and see Stable-Tec rise up to be a full career animation studio producing original shows and movies.

Links: Youtube and Facebook.

S.R. Davies - Public Relation Director, Marketing Director, Voice Actor

Hey, I'm S. R. Davies, I'm the PR & Marketing Director. Although one person calls me Dave. I'm currently on a stepdown due to my job at the ROYAL AIR FORCE (insert guitar solo here). I've been reposnsible for all our conventions and podcasts. Basically anything that goes out with our name on it goes through me. I joined back around July 2014, and have been though the rough seas and smooth flights of the studio. Thanks to Cider and Nightly, the department will continue to provide quality information and convention materials.

Oh, and I'll have you know James, if you'd actually read my old bio there were about 4 spelling mistakes proving I wrote it myself, and I did so because everybody else I asked said no.

PS: (Don't follow Nightly on Twitter.)

Daniel Mohan - Director of Writing

Lead writer, writing director, tyrant. Rules over the writing department with an iron hoof and cultivates the insanity in others under the misguided notion that madness is the same thing as genius.

Equestria Narrator - VA Director

Equestria Narrator has been with Stable Tec from early in it's inception. He is mostly known for his work on the Narration project for Fallout Equestria: Heroes by No One, a series Kkat herself has stated as being her "Favorte Narration". Since starting Heroes he has branched out into the professional world and have several Audio Book narrations to his name as well as VA roles in various animations and video games, the most well known being roles in Wasteland 2 by inXile Entertainment. He was drafted into the role of VA director due to his experience in audio editing along with high end studio equipment and software at his disposal. He is also the voice for Steel Hooves and other various incidental characters in the production.

Wayne Englebrecht - HR Specialst

International diplomatic representative, caretaker, and drill sergeant. Lover of life and all things fun and a little crazy. Fancies a spot of Tea in the mornings and a beer in the occasional evenings. Here to "Build a Better Tomorrow!" and assist in Lifeform Resources. Secretly not a BatPony yet hires batponies //::SYSOP==Guy checked out. Must go deeper...::// but an ambitious industrialist in Stable-Tec Studios Enterprises all the same.

Nathicana - Web Design, VA, HR, Storyboard

Codepony and conspirator, Nathicana enjoys long walks in the wasteland, the right explosive for the right situation, and the tears of procrastinators. She comes to the studio with a rich history of meddling, mayhem, and the maintenance of various sites, offices, teams and projects. And she bakes a mean apple pie.

Alison Branscum (AmnesiaMoons) - Former Animator and Storyboard Artist

After being lost in the world of artistic choices, Alison found Stable-Tec after being redirected by their fellow studio, Overmare Studios. She is very bouncy and playful, but is responsible and caring when need be. As for art, she has been working since she was just a little puppy. The Studio seemed to like her animation and artistic abilities and brought her in early 2015. Now she wanders the Studio as the Animation Beta, hunting down and assigning assignments while delivering her own stack of work in Storyboards. Her dream for the Studio is to have everyone get where they would like to be outside of the studio and use their skills in real life. She has her own DeviantArt and YouTube where she likes to communicate to her audience. No worries though, her bark is worse than her bite!

Links: DeviantArt and YouTube.

Nightly - VFX / Post Effects, PR Representative

Nightly was added as a member of the studio back in April of 2015, and has been a member of visual effects ever since. He has made the concept art video now used in our panel presentations as well as adding all the post goodness you'll see in the final animations! Davies, his overlord and commander, forces him to make random things for public relations.

Links: YouTube and Twitter.

VoidSythe - Concept Artist, Vectoring

Void is fairly new to digital art in general, only having been active for about one year online. But he has made strides in vector graphics, concept design and animation. His work for the studio includes vectoring weapons designs and animating them for production, as well as training in character puppet animation.

Outside of our studio his work includes voice acting and creative collaboration in another animation, "Greg", who is by far the worst of ponies. He is also preparing a comic series of his own, "The Family Business", a different take on Celestia's cutie mark story. Both projects are slated to be released in 2015.

Links: DeviantArt.

James Vermont - Writing Department

James Vermont is Stable Tec's resident South African Zebra who delights in doing more work than he reasonably should.

Along with his work in the writing team, this Zebra with a wonky leg works under Mr. Davies as the second most important member of PR. (There are only two members of PR, including Mr. Vermont and Mr. Davies). He also helped with the creation of two Stable Tec series, Stable Talk and Terminal Secrets, which he co directs.

And the only reason he is writing his own bio is so that he can refer to himself in the third person without people thinking he's weird.

Geekygami - Concept Artist

Concept artist currently aspiring to be more from time to time, Geekygami is the second silliest person in the studio, dubbed Canadian Concept Artist of Caution by said studio. He tends to come up with strange ideas, such as having fluffy ears (which did not get approved.) and other such non-descript things. He particularly enjoys procrastinating, thinking and playing games so old nobody wants to play them. Descent, anybody? PLEASE?!?

Dreyden Durschi - Artist, Animator

Hello, my name is Dreyden Durschi, and I’m an animator, artist & trainer for Stable-Tec Studios! I joined Stable-Tec back when there were no more than a few animators, sound developers and voice actors, and I’ve seen the project develop to what it has become today. I do love to help those interested in learning more about art, and try to be one of the first to respond whenever anybody asks for assistance. This helps me to feel productive on top of helping others improve, so I really enjoy the opportunity!

My path into pursuing the visual arts started back when I was new to the MLP Fandom, Diving head-first into learning the details of it’s production. Back in late 2012, I found the story Fallout: Equestria, and loved it to death after reading it. Pretty soon after reading it, I wanted to help make something for it. That’s when I found Stable-Tec, and I thought that the goal to animate the whole story was the right project for me. Throughout my time here, I’ve found myself joining more departments so that I could help out wherever I’m needed, and also so that I could meet & befriend the wonderful people here. That is why I enjoy it here, and why I wish to support the studio and it’s members as much as I possibly can!

Links: DeviantArt and Tumblr.

Mewmewcat12 - Artist, Animator, VA

Hello! I'm a magical cat named Purpleheart also known as mewmewcat12. I'm really obsessed with anime and love video games, playing them nonstop! I'm mostly a shy person but when getting to know someone I started to open up. When I first joined, I was curious about Fallout Equestria so I look it up to see what it was. When I heard it was a written story about MLP and fallout crossover, I thought it was so...AWESOME! It was then I first saw B.U.C.K Promo and I was interested in applying. After the long wait, I finally got in and now here I am! In the studio, I help with the animation and voice act a bunch of unique characters! I always wanted to help with the progess of the work and always eager to get some assignments to do, that I get so much more than I can chew! As for Stable Tec, the members are friendly, well mannered, and humorous that I'm glad to be here today. Let us make the most beautiful and amazing animated series yet! For Fairy Ta- I mean... for Stable Tec!

Links: DeviantArt and YouTube.

Diponius - Musician

I'm Diponius. I'm in the balefire symphony as a guitarist / pianist - genres i play are; thrash metal, oriental-esk rock, symphonic metal, a little bit of Djent, and a little bit of easy listening on the other end of the music spectrum. My inspirations would be: Nightwish, Skillet, Red, Chris Wöhrer, Jason Creer and Megadeth. I enjoy working on guitars, especially the electrics. I'm currently in college for refrigeration technician.

The guitars that I use are Ibanez sir27fd (with a DiMarzio X2N-7 for a bridge pickup as well as a personal touch to the wiring), Jackson js32-7q (with DiMarzio D activator-7s and a coil taped neck pick up) and a sr505 (I’m not messing with a circuit board) I have others that get less use like a LTD (customised), Musicman (customised), Les Paul and two stats (one of with is breaking slowly) and the body of a fender p-bass that I’m choosing parts for.

For gaming I play Mostly plat formers and/or puzzle games like Ori and the blind forest, freedom planet and Zelda.

Links: YouTube.

Shaddie Quindecim - HR

This, is Shaddie Quindecim. He's a rather odd fellow, with more than a few quirks, but he has a rather friendly manner to most he comes across. He joined STS in mid 2015 as a member of HR, though he does have plans to help out where he can.

Getting to where he is now seemed like something impossible, all starting with him joining a simple Fallout: Equestria style server on Garry's Mod, now called Pony Apocalypse. He had joined as a user, and after working up a small reputation he managed to secure himself a spot on the staff, quickly working his way up to the ranks very quickly before being chosen for the rank of Head Admin which needed a spot to be filled. Since then he has been helping take charge of all the other staff members as well as editing rules for both the server, and creating a rule list for the staff themselves.
Thanks to the owner of the server, Nightly, he actually worked up the courage to apply for STS as well as getting a good word in to help things along. Shaddie often considers himself a Jack of All Trades, good at all, but master of none. He also, like another he noticed, likes to sometimes refer to himself in the third person so as to stroke his ego. He's also a very much like his oc, being nocturnal, cuddly, enjoying biting (often telling others to bite him), and having a very fond liking towards mangos.
All hail Thestralia (Business or Pleasure?)
Shaddie is best plushie.

Former Members

Tyler Teschke - Founder/Animation Director

Hello! My name is Tyler, but everyone calls me by my last name, Teschke. I always draw no matter were I'm at. It could be doodling or anything - I love drawing. If I was given a cutiemark, it would be a pencil right on my butt. This is what lead me to become an animator, because it is a series of drawings in motion.

I started animating around 2009 on a site called Newgrounds. I created very simple shorts and even flash games, but around 2012 I got back into animating because of My Little Pony. I watched the entire first season in one night and got hooked. Since I was a huge fan of the Fallout games I read Fallout Equestria and with that, my life was complete. Being a Fallout enthusiast, I did what I must and created a Littlepip animation and that somehow lead to me wanting to animate the entire series.

What have I done with my life?

Links: DeviantArt and You-Tube.

Madam Overmare – Voice Actor

Madam Overmare has been a member of the Stable since January of 2014. While she originally joined to be a voice actor (and provides the voice of – you guessed it – Stable 2’s overmare), she was catapulted into the role of helping to herd the cats…ahem…voice actors. Currently on hiatus preparing for the next big change in her life.

Ian Anderson - Former Static Art Director, Storyboarder, Weapon Designer

Ian is a new blood to the business of studio oversight; His foray into the realms of public artistic endeavors is young and fresh. His journey began with fiction, though he found himself in the embrace of visual art. He is, however, forever improved by the everpresent challenge of concept and storyboard work, doing what he can for the project. The labor is constant and his nights are occupied, but there is good to come from the studio and his department - He hopes for the best in the endeavors of Stable Tec.

Heathen - Concept Artist, Writer, Voice Actor

I am The Stable's friendly local gunsmith. I'm also a writer, artist, and voice actor for the Studio. I have been a part of Stable-Tec since March 2014. I joined as a concept artist, but I caught myself finding interest in departments throughout the studio. My first project was developing a flamethrower, and soon weaponry became my forte!

Hydkore - Former Storyboard Director, Grand Marshal of Storyboard Crusaders, Father of Fluffle Proff and Chain Slash

A Finn who joined STS at mid-December of 2013 as the first active storyboard artist, though the department itself became a thing in early 2014. Though having no prior knowledge in storyboarding, he has managed to rise to the position of Storyboard director and form a unit dedicated to bringing high quality storyboards to the animators.

Having actively drawn ponies for three years now, Hydkore has also worked as concept artist, character designer, marketing artist, podcast artist and even a one-time writer for a side project in the studio.

Erin Petruzzi/Sonic Lightning - Writer, Voice Actor

I've been working in the Stable since mid January 2014, originally joined to be a VA and soon after found myself sucked into the hell portal that is the writing department then quickly came to power. I'm featured in a Fallout: Equestria audio drama as the voice of Littlepip from chapter 8 and on here.

Contact me for buisness or just to chat here.

Woona - Former Artist

Hi! My name is Lukas, better known online as Woona. Mainly working on character design and prop concepts, always seeking to design new, innovative gear for our favorite equines in their not-so-natural habitat, i do my very best to not lose my sanity in this mess of lovely (and insane) people alike.

After finding ponies back in 2012, my enthusiasm has only grown and led me to work as a concept artist for various storywriters across pony sites and boards, leading me to the reading of Fallout: Equestria, eventually finding the Studio here.

Also, please bring cake if you see me and i'll love you forever.

Canas Dark - Gone But Not Forgotten

This space intentionally left blank.

Grey - Former HR Director, Much Missed

Not only a fantastic voice talent in other areas of his life, but an all-around great guy to work with. Grey was crucial in getting our first shirts made, and was always a voice of calm and reason in the studio. We hope to see him back some day when life settles down for him.

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