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Static Art

Static Art is made up of all the non-animated art departments, and is one of the largest groups within the studio. s a basic overview, here is what the various groups do here:

The Concept Art department produces the starting point for all the details of the animation, such as locations, equipment and weapons. They give us a taste of things to come as well as an image of what we are working towards. Their artwork helps us better visualize the FoE world, and to expand upon it as we get closer to the finished product. Coming up with cohesive concepts is the first step for many of our projects.

Character design is responsible for focusing on the stars of the story, bringing to life the various characters that we’ve come to know and love. Once a character has been filled out visually, other departments can work to add their own finishing touches, such as a matched voice actor, sound effects, and props.

The prop design department works hand in hand with concept design, taking the original concepts and fleshing them out. This is where the initial ideas for all the extra details find their final form. The finishing touches made here assure that all the items that have been written in and passed the concept phase are a good fit for the FOE world, and maintain the overall vision the group is working towards.

What would an animated feature be without a proper environment & backgrounds? Our Background Design artists focus on the locations and scenes, focusing on the atmosphere needed for each location, and ensuring that nothing is out of place. Whether it is in a town, house or stable, they work with concepts and writing to make sure it really reflects the harsh landscape of the equestrian wasteland.

Our Weapons Department is an offshoot of the Ministry of Wartime Technology, and handles weaponry from concept to factory production. Anything designed to kill, trap, explode, or otherwise destroy in the Wasteland uses something developed by these dedicated designers.

Moving Art

Much like Static Art, our Moving Art department is comprised of more than one group working independently, yet with a common purpose. It is made up of the following departments:

Animation puts the finishing touches on our characters by putting all the pieces together. Taking the props, setting, background, and working characters, they produce the working animation, just as their title indicates. These are the people who let us finally see our favorite characters walking through the wasteland.

Our Vectoring department works with the character design to make vectors for our characters. A vector animation is art that is based on mathematical values rather than pixels, and provides a cleaner, smoother piece of art in the end. These vectors help turn our motionless characters into live puppets that we can animate.

Which leads us into the puppeting department. These artists expand off of the work of the vectoring department by using their vectors to make the movable puppets for our characters. This then allows the animation department to set them in motion.

While the animation department puts the finishing touches on the movement and placement of our characters, the special effects animation department has a role that is just as important. They animate all of our extra touches such as gunsmoke, muzzle flashes, and other details that help bring the world of Fallout: Equestria and its inhabitants to life.


The writing department works on transforming the book into a movie-friendly script. This script includes character dialog and actions as well as the environment and objects for each scene. In many ways, they are the backbone of Stable-Tec Studios, as they provide the base the rest of the departments work from. The writing department’s most prominent side project is the Wasteland Survival Guide which will act as an encyclopaedia for the world of FOE. The guide contains facts about areas and creatures while exploring the lives of its inhabitants, from Ten Pony Tower to New Appleloosa.


The storyboard department works hand in hand with the writing department to turn their scripts into storyboards. These storyboards are needed to show the flow of the animation, so that other departments can work separately on their part of the project while maintaining the common vision. Expressions, character positions, and other details can be key in how a scene is played out, choreographed, and recorded.

Voice Acting

The fantastic people we have working here are the ones who give us that spark that every character needs; a voice. This, along with the animation and aesthetics, helps define the character, and is key in ensuring a good match to the original concept.

Soundtrack & Music

The soundtrack department makes all of our music and sound effects for us to use in the show. They make sure that the music fits the occasion or scene it is used in, and adds atmosphere to the world of FOE.

Public Relations

Public relations is one of our smallest departments, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less valuable. These dedicated souls are the ones who keep the public informed on what is going on within the studio. They work with all of the other departments to decide what pieces of artwork or videos get released and are in charge of Stable-Tec’s social media.

Human Resources

HR keeps the whole studio connected, as well as being in charge of recruitment. This is a bigger challenge than some might think, considering our studio membership spans the globe. This could understandably make meetings difficult, but they’ve managed it all the same.

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