Standing United

It seems not a week goes by anymore but that we are faced with yet another act of terrorism, and more victims having been taken, or forever changed by it. Sadly, this past month was no exception, however much we may wish otherwise.

To all of those affected, be in our home nations, or wherever people have chosen violence and fear over peace and tolerance - we stand with you. Don't give in to the hate. Teach Kindness, Honesty, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and with all of that, we just might find a little bit of Magic going forward.

Dallas & Orlando, US Iraq Turkey Nigeria
Syria Libya Bangladesh Afghanistan
Yemen Saudi Arabia Somalia Cameroon

We're working on completing several of the new episodes of our various projects over the coming month, and are really excited about the releases we have lined up. I'm hoping to get some visuals uploaded to our gallery, but I can't make any promises until I hear back from our artists on what they can and can't release ahead of the full episode - which is still a priority, and still moving forward.

To those celebrating holidays this summer, we hope you have safe ones, and are able to enjoy them!

Stop the Hate

In the wake of the horrific tragedy that was carried out by a person with hate in their hearts, we want to reach out to our friends and family who may have been affected, and to all those currently dealing with the aftermath. There are no words that can take away the pain, or bring back the loved ones who have been so viciously taken. But we stand with you in support of love, acceptance, and the beauty that comes from individuality.

We hope that the victims and their families will be able to find some peace in the coming days, and that the love they bear for one another will help carry them through.

Starting off Summer

Summer is here, school is out, and our artists have been hard at work in spite of the traditional break having arrived.

There have been a lot of questions about where we're at on the project, what we're doing, when folks can expect results - and we realize there haven't been a whole lot of answers. Apologies to our fans and supporters, sincerely. It has been a long and often rocky road to get where we're at. We appreciate you all sticking with us.

The good news is that progress has been made, in spite of how quiet we've been. Rather than dribble out bits and pieces, we've focused on getting this first episode finished, and finished well. To give an idea of the amount of work that's been done, we've had an overhaul and re-rigging of the puppets, both to make them more usable, move more smoothly, and adhere to a consistent style. We've had people working furiously on remaining backgrounds and other important details, addressing issues we had with the previous released material in an ongoing effort to bring you the best product we can, and have it be something we can be proud of.

We've had to compete with varied interests, schedules, commitments, changes in jobs, changes in leadership, changes in membership, and changes to how the studio communicates and organizes. None of this is being offered as an excuse - simply an explanation. It's been more like herding cats than ponies most days, and these seemed to come with a few hairballs.

We are aiming for animation to be done sometime around the end of summer or first part of fall. How much cleanup and work will be needed in sound, music and the like, I can't guess, but as it all comes together, we'll have a better idea of what sort of timeline we're looking at.

In the meantime, our other projects will continue to be developed and released. They aren't animated, granted, so they haven't presented a conflict in priorities. We have a lot of talented people, with a lot of fun ideas, and we'd rather have them working and content than waiting. We haven't been in a position yet to switch to an assembly-line style where everyone is busy on the main project all the time, at different points. There has simply been too much to develop from scratch, and not enough continuity in availability, and other key factors. There might be 'easier' ways we could do things, but it wouldn't be in our unique style, nor would it be with the same vision that we've tried to carry through the entire project. We're hoping you'll find it worth the wait - we've been impatient to see it all come together as well.

Other Works in Progress

There are whispered plans to bring Stable Talk back after a very long hiatus. There may be some changes to format, style, and even characters, but it's certain to be entertaining and fun.

We've heard that many have enjoyed Confessions, which has another episode currently being produced (with several more written), and the Audiobook, which has Chapter 11 out, and Chapter 12 in production. Our latest audio work, Terminal Secrets, is up with a second episode in the works. Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to listen, and respond - as always, we love hearing from you.

Handy Links

A reminder about a great GMOD for Fallout:Equestria, run in part by our own Nightly. For those interested, here's the information for logging in:

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We have enabled COMMENTS on several pages, and we would love to hear some feedback from you! We are using the same system as Equestria Daily, so those who are registered through them, as I understand it, can use your same information here. We're testing these out on the pages noted for now, and will likely be expanding them later.

More updates will be listed here on the News page as they happen - stay tuned!

Contact Info

A reminder of some avenues of contact. You can use for all your fan-based needs. See our Contacts page for additional studio emails. Want to give design critique? Gush over our choices of style? Tell us how our mothers should be ashamed? Send them in to our fan mail hotline!

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